Black market eel ring leaders in VA and ME sentenced

200,000 Dams and Culverts that No Longer Serve a Purpose

Eels mentioned at the very end. A U.S. FWS Office has $1 million to spend on removing barriers to water flow, which they say should cover about 25 projects. When you look at how many dams and culverts there are that could be removed, it shows how valuable it is to determine which ones can have the biggest impacts on stream flow and migratory fish.

New York businessman gets 1½ years for dealing in black market eels from Virginia


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Coonamessett River restoration project

“Four centuries of human impacts to the lower Coonamessett River will be reversed as part of a massive effort to restore the river’s natural course and improve habitat for species that previously flourished in and around that winding body of water.”

American eel are among the species mentioned that will benefit from this project.

Restoring Nature and Culture

I like that this article makes the connection that dam removal will benefit BOTH nature and humans. Hope to see many more like this one!–restoring-nature-and-culture.html

Young angler catches what might be first ever American eel recorded in Chicago River

My favorite eel story of the week so far! Five-year-old Richie Garcia landed what may be the first ever American eel caught in the Chicago River. This is an excellent sign for the recovery of the river, which had fewer than ten fish species in the 1970s but has more than 70 today.

1st North American Eel Science Symposium