Eels: Science Into Management book


‘Science into Management’

Biology, Monitoring, Management and Exploitation

(Outputs from the first International Eel Science Symposium)

Following the success of the 1st International Eel Science Symposium, held at ZSL London Zoo, in May of this year the conveners are now producing an eel text based on the sessions and outputs from the symposium.

They are working with the well-known publishers 5M on the production of the book. 5M also own the excellent Fish Site (, which is a great information hub on all things fish.

Initially seven broad sections have been identified for the book; these are set out below but are no way exhaustive or fixed at this point in time.

  1. Challenges of managing eels in a global context
  2. Species and Regions
  3. Cultural context. The cultural importance of the eel in places such as the Pacific Islands, Polynesia, New Zealand as well as across Europe and the USA.
  4. Biology and Genetics
  5. Monitoring
  6. Threats to Global Eel Populations. This chapter will cover a range of topics including, barriers, passage and entrainment, eel health, climate change impacts etc
  7. Aquaculture
  8. Exploitation

The book will open with a general introduction on the challenges of managing the global stock of eels before looking at each region and species in more detail.

In order to make the book as relevant, and broad as possible, the editors would like to invite additional submissions from people who are working with any of the 16 species of freshwater eels.

If you would like to contribute a short chapter on a particular species/region the editors would love to hear from you, this could be done independently or with partners in other parts of the range.

The book will include as many black and white photos, figures and diagrams as needed and also a colour plate section.

If you would like to submit your study for inclusion in the book we are looking for expressions of interest no later than Monday 8nd January 2018. The editorial panel will then review all potential submissions and make a final decision on inclusion by 31st January.

The deadline for final submission of the manuscript will be Friday 1st June 2018 and we aim to have a completed final draft with the publishers by 30th November 2018.

We feel that this book will be an important publication and will prove a useful resource for anyone interested in or studying eels around the globe, and we hope you would like to have your work included.

Please send all correspondence to

Paul Coulson
Director of Operations
Institute of Fisheries Management

Eel art in New Zealand by Gwil

One of the posters on our Eel Town Facebook Group, Sal Hobbsie, showed me the following mural by Gwil, a New Zealand artist:

I reached out to Gwil to ask him for the story behind this mural, and here is what he wrote:

“Hi Nick, Thanks for getting in touch mate. Well the Eel party mural is part of a series of walls where myself and a couple friend have been painting aquatic life around the eastern suburbs of Wellington. It is part of a community initiative that Wellington Electricity lets us paint on a range of their substations and they supply us with materials. All the locations are areas we grew up around which makes painting them an honour for us and hopefully the surrounding communities can enjoy them. If their was a message it would be relevant to any of the walls – To revere and celebrate our aquatic animals

Cheers Nick”

Thank you, Gwil! You can see more of his work at and

Paradise for eels? Getting to know the secrets of NZ’s new icon


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An investigation into the status and management of the longfin eel

I just saw this report, published in 2013. So much great information on New Zealand longfin eel and the challenges of conserving this species.