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Saturday, February 3rd, 2018

Environmental Science students at Huntley Meadows Park, February 3rd 2018. Photo (C) Xiatong Liu.

First field trip of the year, back to Huntley Meadows! This is one of my favorite places to take students, because there is always something new to see at the wetland and the visitor’s center has plenty of exhibits showing local wildlife. This group photo was by Xiatong, who was in my class last year and now enrolled in another Environmental Science course. Always great to see people return!

Frozen raindrops, AKA nature’s crystals. Photo (C) Tina Le. Click to embiggen.

This time proved to  be no exception, with the water surface frozen and many of the low-lying plants covered with frozen raindrops, which Tina compared to nature’s crystals. Click the photo to zoom  in.

Huntley Meadows Park, February 3rd 2018. (C) Nick Walker.

We took the Heron Trail  over to the observation tower, where I snapped this photo. If you look  very closely, there’s actually a great blue heron standing in the grass in the middle of the picture!

On another note, the first Eel Town flask has arrived! (Art design by Sheryn Reid).

January 2nd, 2018

My students and I took this picture during one of our field trips to Huntley Meadows Park in 2017. Thank you to Dilaun Terry for making this possible! More details in the archives. Learn more about my teaching interests here.

January 1st, 2018

Cover of
Cover of “The Pond” by Carl Ewald.









Happy new year! Starting off 2018 with a book review of The Pond by Carl Ewald. (Click  the image to read it). Highly recommend for anyone new to the study of ecology. Not surprisingly, the eel is the best character!

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