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WGEEL latest report is up!

Coonamessett River restoration project

“Four centuries of human impacts to the lower Coonamessett River will be reversed as part of a massive effort to restore the river’s natural course and improve habitat for species that previously flourished in and around that winding body of water.”

American eel are among the species mentioned that will benefit from this project.

Young angler catches what might be first ever American eel recorded in Chicago River

My favorite eel story of the week so far! Five-year-old Richie Garcia landed what may be the first ever American eel caught in the Chicago River. This is an excellent sign for the recovery of the river, which had fewer than ten fish species in the 1970s but has more than 70 today.

N. Ireland: No decision over ESB Donegal eel kill

“A former ESB scientist, Dr William O’Connor, who now runs the European Eel Consultancy based in Limerick said the elver run across Europe last year was the best since the 1980s and he accused ESB of being “caught off guard” by the dramatic turnaround in numbers returning to Irish rivers.

“This is a huge significant kill and a huge missed opportunity.”

Dr O’Connor said a new approach is needed towards eel conservation that will also restore the traditional eel fishing industry.”