Maine elver license lottery

In  Maine, eleven people have received licenses for fishing for elvers (baby eels). This is the most valuable fishery in Maine, with 425 total licensees, each of whom can take 4 lbs of elvers per season. (Because elvers are so small, this could easily be 20,000 fish).

Out of thousands vying for precious elver licenses, lottery picks 11 lucky Mainers

Damage caused by Chinese seafood smuggling

The effects of seafood  smuggling in China — and some suggestions on how to fight it. Eels are mentioned early on. H/T Eel Town resident Florian Stein for posting this to the Facebook group.

(In another report from Maine Glass Eels on Facebook, the decline of Anguilla japonica glass eels means they are selling for over $14,000 per pound in some markets.)

The eels of KwaZulu-Natal


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An article by Eel Town resident Céline Hanzen. (This was written last month, but we are going through a backlog of eel news to post! Three eel species are found in this area, Anguilla mossambica, A. marmorata and A. bengalensis labiata.)

The Smog of the Sea film

A short documentary on the Sargasso Sea. Jules Verne once described this area as a lake on the ocean, with almost no wind and currents that move in a circle. So, plastics go in, but they don’t go out. This film does not show any eels directly, but the Sargasso Sea is vital for conservation efforts as it is the only spawning ground of European and American eel.

This is a free download, all the information is available in the screening kit:


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