Eel Town plans for 2018

Eel Town residents,

As we get closer to the end of the year, I’d like to announce some of the upcoming plans for Eel Town in 2018. When I started this group nine months ago I had no idea it would generate this level of participation and discussion. (Seriously, I thought I’d be lucky to find 10 people who wanted to talk about eels online!) Thank you all so much for joining and sharing such great content every single week.

So, here’s some ideas I have, please post your feedback and let me know if you have other thoughts.

1) I’d like to incorporate Eel Town as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. This means we’ll need members and a board of directors, so if you’d like to be on this, please let me know what title you’d like to have. Becoming a non-profit means we’ll be able to apply for grants and create bigger projects, including helping to organize/fund conferences down the line.

2) I want to create an Eel Town newsletter. I’m thinking 8 pages (two 11×17″ sheets folded and stapled), to be sent out twice a year. This would be a place for anyone who wants to share short articles, pictures, artwork, poetry, upcoming events etc. Everyone is welcome to contribute. This will be printed and mailed out to members so you get a physical product beyond just Internet postings. (You will retain full copyright and ownership of any material you contribute and will be welcome to publish it anywhere else you like).

3) I’m starting a podcast on eel news. I have all the tools to do an audio version already, we can also do a YouTube show if anyone is willing to help out with minor editing and on-screen graphics. One of the goals of this is going to be to interview different people in the eel community each episode. Feel free to nominate yourself or someone else to be a part of this.

There will be one other announcement in early 2018 as well, stay tuned 

The Mayor

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